Our History

A Brief History of First Baptist Church, Senoia, Georgia


On August 3rd, 1867, Reverend Henry Reese and 15 charter members held their first worship service in a two-room school house. Months later, with an increasing membership, they outgrew their meeting place and approached the Methodists in search of a new home.  That request was met with warm acceptance and our little church began sharing "The Rock House" with them on July 27th, 1868.


In May of 1869, a committee convened to discuss building a more permanent house of worship.  With church approval and the dedication of its members, the project was launched.  That first structure was finished in 1871.  As the new building was completed, the first bell-tolled service sounded.  That bell still rings in the tower today.


Obeying the Great Commission, the church expanded its ministries and in May of 1871, the first Sunday School classes were begun. While the town of Senoia was small, its roots and heritage ran deep and as the community grew, so did the church.  On July 4, 1897, the church elected a building committee, charged with replacing that original structure with a larger, more permanent facility.  Through faithful tithes and sacrificial offerings, the current facility was built, conducting its first worship services in 1900. With an ever-growing need, the church broke new ground on November 6th, 1949, to construct a Sunday School building featuring the church's first indoor rest room facilities.  


In 1993, the two-story building housing the Fellowship Hall and Children's Ministries was completed.  


Senoia First Baptist Church has existed for 150 years.  The years have been punctuated by growth and prosperity, as well as trying challenges, but through it all, His Church remains committed to God, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Being and Building Disciples.  This church is a great church only because it is Christ's Church!

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